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Will Media See Rudolph as a Christian Terrorist?

June 05, 2003

Re "Bomb Suspect's First Trial to Be Held in Alabama," June 3: The arrest of Eric Robert Rudolph will provide a test of the American media's evenhandedness, bigotry or both. Virtually every time a bombing occurs in the Middle East it is attributed to "Islamic extremists" or "Muslim fundamentalists." Much is made of the community support that the extremists have.

Now it is alleged that a Christian, with religious and ideological motivations, bombed the Olympics and women's health clinics. He was apparently sheltered in a community that felt his actions were acceptable because of their antagonism toward the targets. So will the media describe Rudolph and his supporters -- active or tacit -- as Christian extremists?

Nathan Landau



Why is it that an Arab associated with a bombing is termed a "terrorist" while a white American arrested for terrorizing an abortion clinic is called a "bombing suspect"? Pardon me for my ignorance, but I can't see the difference, other than the fact that Rudolph will get a fair trial, while many Muslims in this country are held, and sometimes abused, without the rights we pride ourselves on affording to everyone.

William O. Gaynor

Newbury Park

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