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Shouldn't the Lakers Be Playing These Days?

June 07, 2003

No wonder the Lakers won't let other teams talk to Mitch Kupchak. Where else can you get a general manager who works so well with Phil Jackson? Who else could bring in J.R. Rider, Mitch Richmond and Tracy Murray -- and now will bring in Scottie Pippen? Also, who else would have spotted Samaki Walker as a great fit for the Lakers?

Doug Ward

Grover Beach

I'm a boxing fan who loves the Ice Capades but, oddly, has never developed an interest in hockey. And when Disney put a team in Anaheim and persuaded the NHL to allow them to name it after a popular movie, I admit to becoming cynical.

But I give the Ducks credit. They play hard, they draw fans, and they went further this year than my favorite team, the Lakers. Note to Jerry Buss: Think about changing the team's name. May I suggest, "The Lakers Reloaded"?

David Macaray

Rowland Heights

In response to Jerry Leibowitz's suggestion that the Spurs should "get that asterisk ready" [Viewpoint, May 31] because of key injuries on other playoff teams, perhaps he has forgotten about Tim Duncan's knee in 2000, Derek Anderson's shoulder in 2001 and David Robinson's back in 2002.

Maybe the Lakers' three consecutive championships should carry a little black star with them as well.

Besides, if losing a guy who scores six points a game throws your team into complete disarray, maybe it's time to take a look in the mirror.

Kristopher Bunker

Simi Valley

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