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Give Tax Credits Where Credits Are Due

June 10, 2003

Re "Window Shopping With the Tax Refund in Bush's Hall of Mirrors," June 6: Steve Lopez misses the point. President Bush's tax refund is to give people back some of the taxes they paid to the government. Therefore the people who paid taxes should be the ones who get the tax refunds. And the more you paid, the more refund you will receive.

What liberals like Lopez want are more government handouts to the poor; it's called welfare. Do people like Lopez understand that low-income people are already getting "tax refunds" each year by applying for renter's credits, child-care credits, etc.? Low-income people usually get back more money from the government than the government withholds for income tax. One other point: Even if the people who get their refunds save them rather than spend them, that money will be reinvested by somebody, which will help the economy.

David E. Teichmiller



Re "The Child Tax Credit Isn't for All Working Families," letters, June 6: A letter writer stated that "only those who pay income tax should get income tax cuts" in regard to the issue of whether those families who earn less than $26,000 should receive the $400 child credit as a "tax" refund. I wonder if he and the others who think like him are as upset about the many corporations that get "tax" refunds (yes, the government pays them money) without paying taxes, and have for many years now.

Also, are these same people upset that the provision to not give government contracts to companies that are doing business in the U.S. -- but are using offshore addresses strictly to avoid paying taxes -- was taken out of the tax bill? I would like to think so, but somehow I don't think they get upset about that.

Nancy Witt

San Diego

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