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Of Terror and Territory: No Middle East Peace

June 11, 2003

Re "Hamas Rejects Abbas' Moves," June 7:

To equate Jewish "settlers" as spoilers along with Hamas and Islamic Jihad is frightening. Surely The Times should be able to discern a difference between the murderers of babies and grandmothers and the settlers, who are living peacefully in homes that they built and paid for.

While you may refer to the land as disputed territory, there really is no gentle term for Hamas or Islamic Jihad. They are unapologetic terrorists out to eradicate the Jewish state in its entirety. Why can't you call a spade a spade?

Wendy Derovan

Los Angeles


Re "Bush Show of Commitment Gives Push to Peace Process," June 6: What a brilliant reelection move. President Bush has captured both the Jewish and Arab vote, and probably their money, with his "road map." To top it off, he comes home to accolades.

R.W. Lee

Sherman Oaks


I am so sorry that I voted for you, President Bush. While the numbers of unemployed and homeless people are increasing, what are you doing going to the Middle East, defending Israel? You should put your name on the list for the next Israeli election. Don't forget, we the taxpayers are paying your salary.

Susan Piponniau



I don't understand why Bush is "deeply troubled" by Israel's failed attempt to kill a terrorist leader on Tuesday. The U.S. tried, and failed, to kill Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein. Is the U.S. the only country permitted to go after terrorists who attack its cities and citizens?

David Daniel



While we are used to the euphemisms used to describe acts of terror visited on Israeli civilians, it is unbecoming to absurdly write that "the Palestinians pledged to end what Israel calls terrorist attacks" (June 5). What does The Times call these attacks?

Rather than playing these word games, The Times would be better off explaining the next paragraph, which quotes Hamas as saying it would not lay down arms "until the liberation of the last centimeter of the land of Palestine." It bears emphasizing for your readers that "Palestine" for Hamas and other terrorist groups includes the internationally accepted state of Israel.

Walter Rogoff



In the world of propaganda, the current peace plan is called a "road map." Even though one goal is a new nation, there is no map. Perhaps the Palestinian homeland will be in Australia, where the Arabs wanted Israel.

Without an established destination there is also no road. Neither is there any sense of proportion. There are about 230,000 Israelis in the settlements. If 800 are removed, is this groundbreaking or symbolic? The so-called road map is just a trailhead, and the destination is in the mind of the beholder.

David Dietrich


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