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Heaven Glimpsed in the Work of Father Boyle

June 11, 2003

After reading "The Care He Has Given Returns to Ailing Priest" (June 7), the inspiring front-page article on Father Gregory Boyle and Homeboy Industries, I am convinced that the best way to bring about peace in the Middle East is to send them there to teach what it means to get along with your fellow man. If anybody could do it, they could!

Joanne E. Sargeant



The moving story of the flood of affection coming to Father Boyle in his time of illness should be a strong message to all of us. Only love can conquer hate. As Boyle himself says, to see former deadly enemies embracing at a Homeboy Industries picnic is a taste of the heaven we long to see. Boyle's way is the way to bring peace, to hasten the day when the vision of Isaiah (the lion and the lamb lying and feeding together) is realized.

Bombs and bullets will never bring peace, be it on the streets of our cities or in Iraq.

Tom Honore

Culver City

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