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June 12, 2003|Kevin Bronson, with Erik Hamilton

'Twice' as nice as 'Once'?

Where Highway 61 takes a sharp turn and throws you in a psychedelic cul-de-sac -- that's where the Tyde comes in. The L.A. quintet celebrates the release of its second album, "Twice," with a free show Tuesday night at Spaceland. And frontman Darren Rademaker vows to watch his step this time -- he tripped over a mike cord during Monday night's lively set and took a tumble. "I guess I was happy to get the same reaction in L.A. that we've gotten in London," Rademaker jokes. The 41-year-old ex-Further frontman has plenty of other reasons for buoyant spirits: A stressful six-month period during the album's making landed Rademaker in the hospital, but "it ended up being just a scary 12 days," he says. And "Twice," released two weeks ago in the U.K. on Rough Trade, already has earned the same upbeat reviews the British press gave Tyde's 2001 debut, "Once." A tour of Spain and England is on the horizon this summer. "I feel like I'm not too old to rock out one more time," Rademaker says. "A lot of the album is about that. When you're 22 it's easy to have a band. Come see me when you're my age. If you're still doing it, you'll be doing it for the love of music."

Anaheim benefit

A year after misfortune befell the family of Sense Field bassist Rodney Sellars, the Orange County music community is again stepping up to help. Chain Reaction, the Anaheim all-ages venue, will host a benefit at 7:30 tonight for Sellars' daughter, Leilani Gutierrez. Leilani, 4, was with her mother, June, on Mother's Day last year when their car was broadsided by a driver who ran a red light. Leilani suffered massive injuries that left her paralyzed from the neck down. "They're having her treated at the same hospital where Christopher Reeve was treated," says Chain Reaction manager Jon Halperin. "It's very expensive and their insurance is not covering a lot of it. This is the way we can help." The benefit includes acoustic performances by Sense Field, Fairview, Elseworth and Monstro. Tickets are $10 with all proceeds going to Leilani foundation. More information:

Fast forward

Salton Sea refugee Throw Rag plays a free show at 7 p.m. Friday at Amoeba Records to hawk "Desert Shores," the band's second album of bent, over-the-top rock.... The pop persona of TV actors Alex Mendoza and Michael Trucco, Simpleworld, has released a six-song disc titled "Amplify Your Soul" and has a string of gigs lined up, including June 20 at the Derby and July 5 at the Viper Room.... Old-schoolers can punk out at Club Kiss or Kill at the Garage: Silver Needle headlines a five-band bill tonight; Bang Sugar Bang leads the pack on June 26.... Bringing down the house in a supporting set Monday at Spaceland: dubmeisters Future Pigeon.


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