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Dodger Fans Playing Let's Make a Deal

June 14, 2003

Question for Dan Evans:

Now that everyone's favorite whipping boy, Eric Karros, is gone, who are you going to blame for this year's abominable offense? There's plenty of blame to go around up and down this pathetic lineup, but Fred McGriff never was nor will he be the answer. So enjoy celebrating his 500th home run, because that probably will be the only cause for celebration this year at Dodger Stadium.

Sonya Speder


Will someone please put us Dodger fans out of our misery and consummate a mercy purchase of the team, ASAP!

Evans seems to be a lame duck, just trying to hold the team together until a sale. Jim (I'm doing a great job) Tracy, believes he has an optimistic attitude, when in actuality he is in denial. Players don't respect his decisions and rebel against him; Sheffield, Karros and Grudzielanek all tried to play hardball with him, they're no longer here. This year McGriff, Brown and others have balked.

Can you blame them? The guy doesn't have any imagination and fears taking risks. When he finally makes a decision, it's usually for the worse. Batting Beltre, the most undisciplined player in baseball, leadoff or second is ludicrous; even Nomo would do better.

J.J. Volpe

Long Beach

Jim Tracy does not play small ball. He plays snooze ball.

Asher Garber

Austin, Texas

Sometimes a team can lose and still be exciting, like the Cincinnati Reds, or win and be dull, like the Boston Red Sox. But to lose and be dull as dishwater is unbearable. How long will it be until Dan Evans makes a move? I can't imagine anyone criticizing any trade that brings a legitimate hitter to L.A. Have mercy, Dan, please make that phone call.

Ralph S. Brax


The Dodgers are proving Luis Gonzalez was right.

Jeff Jackson


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