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Should L.A. Have a Voice on El Toro?

June 15, 2003

Re "L.A. Asks for Airport at El Toro," June 6:

This is welcome news indeed. Los Angeles' offer to operate a commercial airport at El Toro could help solve the air traffic needs of Southern California.

Any election about the reuse of the former Marine Corps Air Station El Toro should include all parties that are affected. Los Angeles County should have a voice in the plans for El Toro. All counties affected by the presence or absence of El Toro need to have a voice. This is a regional matter, not just a local one concerning nine south Orange County cities.

Hats off to Mayor James K. Hahn for offering this forward-looking solution to the region.

Shirley A. Conger

Corona del Mar


How dare Los Angeles get involved in our politics?

How dare they foist their problems onto us?

They already take a disproportionate share of the state school funds.

Their freeways are a pain to those of us in Orange County who have to go through Los Angeles every so often.

If Los Angeles wants to solve their problems, they can do it in their backyard.

Tony Esporma



It was quite unsettling to read about Los Angeles leaders and their allies in Orange County secretly trying to take over El Toro and create an airport that voters overwhelmingly defeated not once, but twice.

If they failed this time, what makes us believe they will not try again? Los Angeles government needs to stay out of our affairs here in Orange County. What makes it so scandalous is that they did it in secret, totally against the will of the people who would be affected by this selfish decision.

Kathy Courtney

Laguna Niguel

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