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Lap Dancing Less Harmful Than Alcohol

June 15, 2003

"New Limits on Strip Clubs Go to Council" (June 10) states that "clubs that have full nudity cannot serve alcohol." Pubs, meanwhile, exist for the sole purpose of serving alcohol. Every year thousands of people die as a result of drunk driving, yet you never hear about movements to shut down pubs.

But strip clubs are constantly under attack. Whatever you may think of lap dancing, it is not a threat to human life, but drinking in a pub clearly is, as very few of the people who do so are accompanied by a designated driver.

These City Council members could literally save thousands of lives if they would outlaw pubs, but instead they choose to target lap dancing. They clearly are putting all their efforts into an issue that is at odds with their personal beliefs when instead they could be serving the community to the best of their abilities.

Michael Neu

Woodland Hills


Did we lose a war or something? Or has the City Council taken up the "Taliban Guide to Fun and Freedom" for less obvious reasons? The phenomenal popularity of strip clubs both for business and recreation is such that the entire Los Angeles economy would come to a screeching halt if these grim matrons of local government had their way.

The remedy for legitimate neighborhood complaints lies in better zoning laws and not in the wasteful planting of undercover police officers armed with measuring tapes.

Susan Self

Los Angeles

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