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Push Comes to Shove Over California's Budget

June 18, 2003

Re "Deadlock at Budget Deadline," June 16: I just don't get it. Someone please help me understand. The California state budget is in a crisis. (What state's isn't?) Our elected legislators are not doing anything I can see to break the stalemate. If Republicans were as energized about fixing our budget problems as they are about raising money and energizing the recall of Gov. Gray Davis there would have been hope for a resolution.

This is not how government should work. And what exactly makes the people signing recall petitions think they will get a governor who cares about the working people and small-business owners? Whoever gets elected will be handpicked and rich, and made richer by being financed by big business. So how exactly do we win?

Karen Morin

Studio City


I've said it once, and I'll say it again: If you allow car registration fees to triple, as is proposed, more people will drive without proper registration because they can't afford the new rates. Without proper registration you cannot have insurance. Without insurance, my rates would increase because of uninsured motorists. It's a bad idea.

Geoff Arnold

Santa Monica


Davis has made many bad decisions as governor. We taxpayers will be paying for his mistakes for many years to come.

Frank Myers



Re "Brulte's Hard Line Sharpens Budget Divide," June 14: Senate GOP Leader Jim Brulte seems to have forgotten that, as one elected official, he counts as one vote. He is instead blackmailing Republican lawmakers. He is threatening to campaign against them if they vote against the way he wants them to vote. California is being held hostage by one elected official who appears to be very definitely abusing his power.

California is in dire need of leadership if we are to survive the mess we are in. Finger-pointing does nothing; our elected officials need to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. In Brulte's case, he is, indeed, a very large part of the problem and no part of any viable solution.

Fran Gale

Mission Viejo


Is a vote really a vote when it is coerced? Has Brulte seen "The Godfather" one too many times? Or is it retro Chicago-style politics in California? How do we get rid of bullies like this?

Betts Harley

Costa Mesa


Regarding Michael Ramirez's June 14 cartoon (Commentary) showing California as a sinking ship: California is sinking not only because of the Democrats in the Legislature. The Republicans in the same body are doing their darndest to be an effective (and obstructionist) iceberg. We're all going down together.

Bradley Rogus


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