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'Just Married' is no honeymoon

June 19, 2003|Susan King

Just Married

Ashton Kutcher, Brittany Murphy

Fox, $28

One need only point to this lame-brained, formulaic romantic comedy to ascertain what's wrong with movies today. This farce, aimed at the teen set, finds "That '70s Show" Kutcher as a Polish American who drives a wreck of a car, works at a radio station and falls in love and marries a Wasp-y rich girl (Murphy), much to her parents' chagrin. Their romance hits the skids when their European honeymoon turns into a disaster.

The by-the-books DVD features a ho-hum "making-of" featurette, deleted scenes, an installment of "Comedy Central's Reel Comedy" that defies description and commentary from Kutcher, Murphy and director Shawn Levy.



Ray Liotta, Jason Patric

Paramount, $30

This violent, in-your-face police thriller came and went without a trace this past Christmas. Though it's not an easy watch -- the opening sequence in which Patric accidentally shoots a pregnant woman is very disturbing -- writer-director Joe Carnahan imbues the film with a raw vitality that isn't seen in most Hollywood films these days. Carnahan also elicits bold, daring performances from Liotta, as a police lieutenant obsessed with finding his partner's killers, and Patric, as a former undercover cop who teams up with him.

The DVD includes featurettes on the genesis of the project and the stark look of the film and an interview with Oscar-winning director William Friedkin, who waxes enthusiastically about "Narc." Considering how dark and dour the movie is, it's a real surprise to discover that Carnahan has a great sense of humor and breezy personality on his commentary track with editor John Gilroy.


Deliver Us From Eva

Gabrielle Union, LL Cool J

Universal, $27

This African American spoof of Shakespeare's "The Taming of the Shrew" opens promisingly with three couples dancing to the old Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell hit, "You're All I Need to Get By." But then the movie starts .... LL Cool J plays a suave ladies' man who delivers meat for a living and who accepts a $5,000 challenge to romance and ultimately seduce Eva (Union), an opinionated, hard-nosed, bossy health inspector who rules the lives of her three younger sisters and their men. The problem is that Union's character is so overbearing it makes the film unwatchable.

Director/co-writer Gary Hardwick's commentary consists mainly of describing what's going on in the scene instead of offering any real insight.

The disc also features a "making-of" featurette, deleted scenes and music videos.


T2-Extreme DVD

Artisan, $30

If you forked over $40 three years ago for Artisan's "Terminator 2: Judgment Day -- The Ultimate DVD Edition" should you shell out another $30 for this "Extreme DVD" that's being released in anticipation of "Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines"?

Well, yes and no. The new two-disc set marks the first time that James Cameron has done a complete commentary track for one of his films. He's joined on the track of the expanded version of the film with co-writer William Wisher. Cameron is immensely entertaining and adds juicy tidbits about the making of the film.

The second disc includes a new documentary on the evolution of digital effects and an eight-minute montage of life on the set. Also featured is "T2-High Definition," the theatrical version of the film in high resolution that is playable only on a DVD-ROM that has Microsoft Windows Media 9 accessibility. Rounding out the edition is the DVD-Rom "Infiltration Unit Simulator and T2 FX" which allows one to morph personal images into a T-1000 or T-800 Terminator.


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-- Susan King

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