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Issa's Investment in His Political Future

June 19, 2003

Re "Issa Banking on Big Payoff in Recall Drive," June 16: For the price of an Orange County tract home, Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Vista) has launched a political torpedo at the heart of the California Democratic Party. But for all the hoopla, he hasn't articulated a specific plan to solve California's budget woes, just a burning desire to spend his way into higher office at our state's expense. Even though Issa is buying the recall, we taxpayers will ultimately have to foot the bill for the election and endure the consequences of a state government crippled by political distractions.

Issa's ultraconservative positions are not easy to pin down. They have been replaced with a paper-thin veil of backpedaling ambiguity designed to lure votes from unsuspecting moderates who are rightfully upset with Gov. Gray Davis.

Issa was clear on one issue. He supports increased taxes to build more freeways. This should come as no surprise, since his personal fortune was built on the back of the automotive industry. Perhaps he should offer up the campaign slogan: "A Viper (car alarm) in every dash."

John Webster



I don't mind Issa trying to buy the governorship, but I do resent his waffling on so many issues. His stand on Proposition 187 is a good example: "I spoke on both sides of that all along." Issa's full-page ads supporting the recall say little about his record or what he wants to accomplish; they just make easy swipes at the incumbent. Someone has to make very difficult decisions as governor. I hope we don't replace Davis with someone who tries to have it both ways on every issue.

Bill Collins



Does anyone in his or her right mind seriously think that voters would turn out a governor named Davis, bumbling and ineffectual as he is, for an archconservative named Issa? Especially since we all know that the budget crisis was precipitated by the gouging of California pockets in the energy crisis of 2001, not by Democrats but by Enron and other robbers. Everybody also knows that this robbery, not 9/11 terrorism, brought on the severe economic depression.

Who is kidding whom? Many of us have good memories.

John Poynter

Palm Springs

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