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Davis Recall Campaign Is Deeply Undemocratic

June 20, 2003

I must add my voice to the June 16 letters concerning the recall effort aimed at our elected governor. What a complete waste of valuable funds and time, and what a clear case of sour grapes.

The Republicans, not being content with stealing a presidential election, have tried at the federal level to quash the use of their once-favorite rule, the filibuster. And now, at the state level, they are trying to change the outcome of an election that, thankfully, was not tainted by the disenfranchisement of minority voters, intimidation at the polls or confusing ballots.

Gray Davis, though not by any means an ideal governor, has not done anything illegal or unconstitutional. We knew what we were getting when the election was held, and it is the most undemocratic tactic possible to try to now change the vote.

If Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Vista) and his cohorts truly care about California, let them take the recall funds and donate them to our schools or other worthy causes. We'll have an election soon, and the Republicans can try again.

Carol Spector



I nearly fell off my chair upon reading Issa's statement, "Getting rid of the National Endowment for the Arts is a red-meat statement that one makes in a primary" (June 16).

This quotation should be required reading for every civics course. I've never before seen a politician so frankly cynical as to admit publicly that his positions are tailored to suit the political situation, rather than expressing any actual convictions. Thanks, Darrell, for demonstrating how much we can trust your honesty.

Jeffrey A. Cohlberg

Rolling Hills Estates


Davis recently denied knowing the state was $38 billion in the red before the election, also claiming he did not lie to us about the budget problem. Regardless of how you feel about his truthfulness, his claim certifies he is inept as governor.

Jim Crowley



Instead of taking the high road and working for a compromise on the state budget, Issa and his Republican whiners have decided to try to buy the governor's seat. I remember living in a country where elections were decided by a majority of the voters, and those results were honored. What am I supposed to tell my children about democracy?

Paula Goldman

Santa Monica

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