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Los Angeles Times List For June 22, 2003

June 22, 2003



*--* 1 The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown (Doubleday: $24.95) A 1 12 Louvre curator's killing leads to clues hidden in Leonardo's paintings and a secret society with something to hide

2 The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger (Doubleday: 2 8 $21.95) A recent college grad puts up with a nightmare of a boss at a high-fashion magazine

3 The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold (Little, Brown: $21.95) 4 51 A murdered girl tells the story of her grieving family still learning to cope, the killer and the detective who hunts him

4 The Face by Dean Koontz (Bantam: $26.95) The geeky 9 2 10-year-old son of a movie superstar faces a sinister kidnapper and has only his bodyguards, both dead and alive, to protect him

5 The Sinister Pig by Tony Hillerman (HarperCollins: 8 5 $25.95) Somebody's skimming tribal funds, an undercover agent's body turns up, and Jim Chee and Joe Leaphorn are on the case

6 Naked Prey by John Sandford (Putnam: $26.95) Lucas 5 4 Davenport delves into the deaths of a black man and a white woman found hanging from a tree in northern Minnesota

7 Dragon Bones by Lisa See (Random House: $24.95) Chinese 10 2 inspector Liu Hulan's marriage is on the rocks as she probes suspicious deaths near the site of the building of the dam at Three Rivers Gorge

8 The King of Torts by John Grisham (Doubleday: $27.95) The -- 16 case of a young man charged in a street killing turns out to be tied to a conspiracy involving a pharmaceutical giant

9 Lake House by James Patterson (Little, Brown: $27.95) Six -- 1 children survive years of captivity and yearn to be with the couple who saved them in this sequel to "When the Wind Blows."

10 Executive Power by Vince Flynn (Atria Books: $25) CIA 7 5 operative Mitch Rapp looks for an elusive mastermind with a plan for a Palestinian state that spells disaster for Israel and terrorists

11 Dead Ringer by Lisa Scottoline (HarperCollins: $25.95) A 3 2 rich businessman could save Bennie Rosato's all-female Philly law firm unless Bennie's estranged twin causes trouble

12 Villa Incognito by Tom Robbins (Bantam: $24) The -- 6 outlandish experiences of a family with the blood of a mischievous folkloric creature running through its veins

13 Maneater by Gigi Levangie Grazer (Simon & Schuster: -- 1 $23.95) A thirtysomething social climber is determined to have the wedding of the season; all she needs is a groom

14 Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides (Farrar, Straus & Giroux: -- 6 $27) A Greek family embraces the mid-century American dream, and a young girl takes a journey to manhood

15 Action! by Robert Cort (Random House: $24.95) The veteran -- 1 producer mixes real Hollywood royalty into this tale of a studio system scion turned movie mogul himself




*--* 1 Moneyball by Michael Lewis (W.W. Norton: $24.95) How 1 4 Oakland A's general manager Billy Beane's use of statistics helped transform major league castoffs into a winning franchise

2 An Unfinished Life by Robert Dallek (Little, Brown: $30) 2 4 JFK's health, politics and love life are revealed through family papers and the insights of those close to him

3 The Teammates by David Halberstam (Hyperion: $22.95) The 9 3 lives and lifelong friendships of four ballplayers from the legendary 1940s Boston Red Sox

4 When Hollywood Had a King by Connie Bruck (Random House: -- 1 $29.95) The life and times of Hollywood power broker extraordinaire Lew Wasserman

5 Atkins for Life by Robert C. Atkins (St. Martin's: 11 20 $24.95) The late physician's mission against low-fat diets argues that carbohydrates are the true culprits in weight gain

6 The Power of Full Engagement by Jim Loehr and Tony -- 6 Schwartz (Free Press: $26) Executive trainers offer a guide for stressed-out individuals who need help balancing life and work

7 Shattered Love by Richard Chamberlain (ReganBooks: -- 1 $25.95) The star of "Dr. Kildare," "The Thorn Birds" and "Shogun" tells of his career and spiritual journey through life

8 The Purpose-Driven Life by Rick Warren (Zondervan: 8 15 $19.99) How the principles of worship, community, discipleship, ministry and evangelism lead to a fulfilled life

9 A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson 4 3 (Broadway: $27.50) An entertaining guide to the great moments in the history of science, from the Big Bang to the present day

10 Beyond Belief by Elaine Pagels (Random House: $24.95) How -- 1 the early Christian fathers debated which texts should be considered authoritative and embraced the gospel of John over that of Thomas

11 Mr. S by George Jacobs and Bill Stadiem -- 1 (HarperEntertainment: $24.95) Frank Sinatra's valet gives a glimpse into the star's private life and dishes on the Kennedys and Sam Giancana

12 Living History by Hillary Rodham Clinton (Simon & -- 1 Schuster: $28 ) The former first lady's memoirs, from her courtship with Bill Clinton to her rocky years in the White House

13 Leap of Faith by Queen Noor (Miramax Books: $25.95) The 3 12 life and times of a Princeton student who is courted by a Middle Eastern monarch and becomes Jordanian royalty

14 A Million Little Pieces by James Frey (Doubleday: $22.95) -- 4 A harrowing memoir traces the author's dark descent into drug abuse and struggle to detox

15 Open by John Feinstein (Little, Brown: $25.95) The saga -- 2 of the first time that golf's exclusive U.S. Open was held at a municipal course, New York's Bethpage Black


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