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Schuller Has Audacity to Complain About Ex-Neighbors Being Greedy

June 22, 2003

Re " 'Possibility Center' Now an O.C. Reality," May 17:

Am I the only person who finds it ironic that the Rev. Robert Schuller, who appears to live quite well from the contributions of countless thousands of people, refers to his former neighbors by saying "None of them were immune to greed"?

With millions of people worldwide suffering from various afflictions and children going to bed each night accompanied by the pangs of hunger, Schuller has the audacity to accuse the working-class people he wanted to move from their family homes of being greedy. What chutzpah! He seems to have no reserve when asking for money during weekly broadcasts.

Meanwhile, Schuller found plenty of money to applaud himself by including in his new structure a museum to glorify himself. He says it's a museum that motivates. Motivates whom? And to do what?

My heartiest congratulations to the folks who got Schuller to pay them a million bucks for their tract home. My advice to Schuller: Finish the building and stop whining.

Gerald Foreman

Huntington Beach


Schuller owns and builds grandiose monuments for his own legacy in the name of God.

Erroneously, his "possibility thinking" has led followers to believe that "good architecture is essential to religion."

Schuller has spent millions first building the Crystal Cathedral and now a possibility center.

Millions were donated by average people who live paycheck to paycheck.

Schuller has the despicable gall to say "I don't think any developer has had a bigger job than I had in buying 40 homes."

He leveled an entire neighborhood, then adds, "Each of them knew I wanted their home" and none "were immune to greed."

Schuller, I say to you, "Men who live in glass houses...."

Mardel Hervy

San Juan Capistrano


I was just wondering if Schuller understands the definition of the word "greed," which he used in reference to some of the homeowners who were forced to sell their houses.

I personally find it greedy to have the need to bulldoze a whole neighborhood so one can erect yet another building by yet another high-dollar celebrity architect.

Silly me ... I thought Schuller said inappropriate things only on airplanes.

Bradford Bentley


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