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Prosecutor's Program in Neighborhoods Works

June 22, 2003

Re "Neighbors Fault City Prosecutor's Program," June 18: There's not much I believe Los Angeles does well, but the Neighborhood Prosecutor program is working in Lake Balboa. Perhaps my neighborhood won the lottery by having a professional assigned to Van Nuys. Tamar Galatzan is someone we turn to for assistance. We know that calls will be returned and that problems will be investigated.

With quality-of-life issues, residents have been shuffled between their City Council office and the Police Department, each one typically saying the responsibility falls on the other's shoulders. With the Neighborhood Prosecutor program, there is finally someone who determines who has responsibility, and someone to follow the problem to its conclusion (even if the matter is ultimately dropped). The program is one example of the city doing something well.

Ellen Bagelman

President, Lake Balboa

Neighborhood Assn.


Your story regarding the transient in the Fairfax district was unfair to the Neighborhood Prosecutor program and the LAPD. The city attorney's office solved the immediate problem facing the merchants. Specifically, removing the problem person from the Fairfax district put an end to his bothering us and our customers. Unfortunately, the transient can't be banished from the entire city and has struck again. We are confident that the city attorney will ensure that he is properly punished for his actions in Pan Pacific Park.

Jacqueline Canter

President, Fairfax

Business Assn., Los Angeles

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