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Global Warming Report Censored

June 24, 2003

We can stop looking for those weapons of mass destruction. They've been found in the Bush administration's anti-environmental policies, the most recent being the continued rejection of any link between human activity and global warming ("Editing Flap Over EPA's Report on Environment," June 20). As we are seeing with the questionable WMD reports used to sell the invasion of Iraq, the experts are ignored if what they say doesn't coincide with what the administration wants us to believe.

Global warming, deforestation and water contamination may kill us more slowly than nuclear and chemical weapons, but the end result is the same. While President Bush is busy ferreting out terrorists, he should make sure that this country remains a place worth saving from them.

Kurt Page

Laguna Niguel


I'm disappointed that the White House changed language in an early draft on the nation's environment so that more uncertainty would exist than before. The public deserves to know, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, what the consensus is among scientists regarding climate change. This latest White House charade reeks of the administration's hidden agenda. With the administration's hands in every polluting industry's pot, it is not surprising.

Dorothy Le

Los Angeles

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