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In the lap of libido

June 28, 2003

RE "The Last Lap?" (by Reed Johnson, June 18), about a proposal to ban lap dancing in Los Angeles:

It is my impression that many Americans feel threatened by human sexuality. Odd, isn't it, that a culture as technologically advanced as ours, with the ability to annihilate entire species, would feel threatened by the motion and activity of its own nude body? Why is it that we find sexual activities and thoughts of sexual activities so frightening, so destructive? Why haven't we been able to strike a healthy agreement between spiritual idealism and carnal reality?

Arthur Saginian



THAT article should never have appeared in a public newspaper that not only has many adult readers but also thousands of minors and school-age readers. And to be placed in the same section that includes the comics and the Kids' Reading Room! How irresponsible is this? Or is it a ploy by editors to expose more children to the filth of the dark side?

Cynthia Pace

Thousand Oaks

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