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What are you watching?

June 29, 2003|Carolyn Patricia Scott and Lisa Boone

Jake Busey

"Identity," ABC's fall series

"Karen Sisco"

"I love 'The Simpsons.' It's animated and somehow they can get away with politically incorrect subject matter. It's the smartest show on TV. I like to watch documentaries, but my favorite people on TV are Letterman, Cosby and Kilborn. My least favorite people on TV are all of the ones on the overabundant 'reality' programs. It's like high school TV. It proves that film is art and television is furniture."


Paige Davis

Host of TLC's "Trading Spaces"

"I'm ashamed to admit that I watch all of the popular stuff that everyone else watches: 'Friends,' 'Will & Grace,' 'Everybody Loves Raymond.' I'm a big fan of 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' -- it's like 'Seinfeld' on acid. My deep dark secret -- my favorite show of all time -- is 'Full House.' It's just so positive and it always has an uplifting message at the end. My husband mocks me mercilessly about this. If he is channel surfing and 'Full House' comes on, he'll quickly move on to the next channel so I won't make him watch it."


Karch Kiraly

Pro beach volleyball player

"Our favorite show is 'Everybody Loves Raymond.' It's a funny show about relationships and the situations that come up between a married couple and their relatives. It allows you to laugh at yourself and your own quirks. My favorite episode is the one where Raymond's wife is going through her 'lady's days' and all the mood swings she goes through. Raymond struggles to help her but they can't figure out what to do from one moment to the next because she's so unpredictable.

"Once a week I try to watch one of the morning commentaries, like 'This Week With George Stephanopoulos.' On Saturday afternoon we try to watch 'Rick Steves' Europe' on PBS. We love his tour guides. We've used them when we've traveled to Europe. He emphasizes trying to get a better sense of the local people and culture by going to out-of-the-way places, less famous museums and getting off the beaten path. We learn a little and dream about places we'd like to go when the kids go off to college."

--Carolyn Patricia Scott and Lisa Boone

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