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Selfishness Is a Priority in San Juan Capistrano

March 09, 2003

Re "Planned School in the Hills Has 'Torn Apart' San Juan," Feb. 25:

So some in San Juan Capistrano don't want a high school built in their city? I can understand not wanting a dump, jail or nuclear power plant in their city, but a public school? Give me a break. In my area, we have desperately overcrowded schools. We could fill another elementary and middle school tomorrow. But, sadly, there is no available land.

San Juan Capistrano is fortunate to have the land and a school district that is great at building schools. Our children should not be bullied by a small group of selfish NIMBYs. Shame on San Juan for not putting kids first.

Terry Corwin

Coto de Caza


I find it hard to believe that the people of San Juan are not backing the proposal of a brand-new high school in their city.

As a student at Dana Hills, I would love to attend a new high school, with modern technology and structures. The fact that San Juan is against building a new school because it will bring too much traffic is ridiculous. Neighborhoods around the existing high schools have to endure plenty of traffic due to overcrowded schools. If a new high school were built, it would greatly alleviate some current traffic and overcrowding. Why can't San Juan residents do their fair share and educate their kids in their own neighborhood, instead of making it another city's responsibility? San Juan is being selfish in trying to preserve its small town and not thinking of the well-being of neighboring cities.

Erica Frank

Laguna Niguel

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