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My Favorite Weekend: Ryan Seacrest

So many entrees, so little time

May 01, 2003|Carolyn Patricia Scott

Ryan's got to do what a guy's got to do -- to stay fit enough for 2 1/2 jobs and weekends full of food. The host of Fox's "American Idol" says he loves his job -- perfect, he says, for someone with his background as a drive-time DJ for radio station KYSR-FM (Star 98.7) and a relief announcer who subs for KIIS-FM's (102.7) Rick Dees periodically. Music has been his career for years. But he adds that he likes the idea of young people taking the proactive route to an entertainment career.

What weekend?

Actually, I usually have only one day off. That's my weekend. So that one day on the weekend revolves around one thing -- food. It's a passion. Yeah, my hobby is all great food. During the week, I'm multi-tasking. On my weekend day, I'm multi-dining. There's nothing better than a great meal at a restaurant with a great wine list and an interesting menu. My preferences? Let's put it this way, the one thing I don't eat is black licorice. Everything else is fair game.

Dining haunts

If I want to be near the water, I'll go to the Lobster in Santa Monica. They have these crab enchiladas with this great sauce. All of the seafood is great. And the place is by the ocean -- it's the perfect California experience. I mean, the atmosphere and everything.

I love Patina on Melrose, one of the best overall dining experiences, from the atmosphere, the service, the food, the wine -- it's the best. I usually get the specialty of the day. I get with the sommelier and pick a great bottle of wine. And the meal usually includes some kind of foie gras, and I may have Dover sole, a little piece of lamb and a selection from the cheese tray. I don't really care that much for the desserts.

When I want to go out with a baseball cap and a pair of jeans, I go to Casa Vega on Ventura Boulevard. When you see me there, I've got a margarita in one hand and three cheese enchiladas in the other. And none of those fruity margaritas. I take the traditional with real rock salt. I might have been a chef if I hadn't gotten into the music industry. One time I took a tour of Greystone Institute near St. Helena. I went into the kitchen, wow! The kitchen is like a culinary football field. Well, back to the eating. I usually go to bed after.

On the run

If it's a Sunday, I like to take a run in a great place, you know, stretch out, work off all of the good eating. Then I'll head back and go to the Beverly Hills farmers' market. They've got this kettle corn I love. I'll get that and coffee. I love starting the day like that.

Then I'll usually try to get a deep tissue massage. Have some champagne over at the Four Seasons. That's where I get to relax and plan my next adventure.

Signing off

Every once in a while, I'll be in the mood to party, but I usually prefer it more mellow. I just take it easy at home. I live in the Hollywood Hills, so I'll watch the city lights. Of course twice a year I take a trip -- one around the holidays and one in the summer. I enjoy my vacations. I love to work hard and play hard. My most recent trip, I went to Barbados, but I've been to Tuscany and the Italian Riviera, to St. John in the Caribbean.

-- Carolyn Patricia Scott

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