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Bush Shoots Campaign Commercial on Carrier

May 03, 2003

Re "Bush Hails Victory in Iraq," May 2: In what has to be one of the most silly stunts ever staged by a sitting president, Bush burns up countless taxpayer dollars to have some low-paid, hard-working Navy aviator provide taxi service. Meanwhile, what's happening as the press gushes over this newest legerdemain of distraction? Not much -- just a huge jump in unemployment, further bombings in the Middle East, continued fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The mind reels at the prospect of Bill Clinton doing the same thing; The media would have had their hammers and tongs out. For the record, I support our servicemen. I do not support their cynical exploitation for photo-op statesmanship.

Christopher Barnes

Studio City


The Bush plane stunt is a cynical 2004 election commercial! It was really embarrassing and unbelievable for a draft-dodger like Bush -- who sat out Vietnam -- to demean the U.S. military with this cynical gesture of political theater. Does White House advisor Karl Rove have no shame? How much did this aircraft carrier reelection commercial cost the U.S. taxpayer?

Tim Miller

Los Angeles

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