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Dodgers Haven't Been a Big Hit With Fans

May 03, 2003

Although I believe in the idea of strong defense up the middle and dominant pitching, there is a third "piece of the puzzle" needed to win championships -- power on the corners -- which the Dodgers obviously lack. Did somebody forget to tell Dan Evans that Fred McWhiff, Adrian "Mondesi" and Brian "But I'm good in September" Jordan don't exactly strike fear into opposing pitching staffs? Is it difficult to figure out when your middle infielders hit like Johnnie LeMaster you need some bats on the edges?

A little piece of advice: Danny boy, reserve a couple of those speed-dial buttons on your cell phone for the agents of Miguel Tejada and Vladimir Guerrero next off-season. If you don't, you might find yourself using those buttons to contact the unemployment office.

Shawn Donaldson



In the many times I've seen Kevin Brown pitch at Dodger Stadium over the past several years, he has always given me my money's worth -- and has never given Dodger fans anything less than 100%.

On the other hand, I plunk down 50 cents every day for the L.A. Times, and T.J. Simers does not deliver.

Kevin Brown is a lot closer to delivering $105 million worth of entertainment than T.J. Simers will ever be to delivering 50 cents' worth

Warren Williams



By the way, has anyone checked with Jim Tracy lately to see if he still thinks he's doing a great job?

Bill Shannon



It's bad enough that we have to endure the mean-spirited gossip, er, reporting, by the likes of Plaschke and Simers, who seem to have cut their teeth at the National Enquirer, but now baseball fans have to search through the paper to find out the latest Dodger score.

Of course, the Laker 82-game preseason warrants front-page coverage from Day 1, and Times sportswriters drool at the thought of the coming football season, but hey, why should our national pastime warrant front-page coverage? It's unfortunate, because current Dodger management is light years ahead of the Lasorda/Claire/Malone regimes.

Of course Simers and Plaschke are too busy writing about being snubbed by Kevin Brown in the locker room.

Skip Usen

Santa Monica

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