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Bush Shouldn't Look for a Win in California

May 05, 2003

Re "Bush's One-Two Punch for a California Win," by Bill Whalen, Commentary, April 30: President Bush told California to drop dead during the 2001 electricity crisis, based on the recommendation of his dear friend Kenneth "Kenny Boy" Lay of Enron. We all know what happened to Enron after that.

Now Bush wants to come to California for votes. In 2004 California should say, "Drop dead, Mr. Bush." Bush and his rich friends want to squeeze money from the working-class people by giving tax breaks to the rich people. Working-class people are left with only fear of terrorism and guns. When will Democrats and the media begin to emphasize the duping of America by Bush?

Ash Pahwa

Santa Ana


Whalen wrote that a poll has Bush beating a generic Democratic nominee 45% to 40%. Why in the world would reasonable Californians elect a person who has lied to the country about the imminent threat posed by Iraq, launched us into an unnecessary war and proposed irresponsible tax cuts at a time when state and local governments are struggling to provide the most basic of services? Texans will probably vote for him. Californians? Forget about it.

Mayra Puchalski

West Covina

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