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Danger From Iranian Rebels Is Overblown

May 05, 2003

Neither "Iranian Rebels Get a New Lease on Life" (April 30) nor "A U.S. Deal With Terrorists (editorial, May 1) discloses that the Moujahedeen Khalq, or People's Holy Warriors, enjoys endorsement by many in the U.S. Congress. "Thugs"? "Terrorists" led by a Muslim woman? Could be, although your citing of an action more recent than a quarter-century ago might be more persuasive.

Of the many criminal entities supported by the U.S. since World War II, this group is far from the worst. Not even in the top 10. But it does meet a cardinal trait for U.S. hostility: It advocates sharing the wealth.

Anthony Saidy

Los Angeles


I am very disturbed by your accusations toward the only hope for a free and democratic Iran -- the Moujahedeen Khalq. This group has been fighting against the state-sponsored terrorism in Iran and has the support of the majority of the Iranian people inside and abroad. It's in the best interests of Iranians and Americans to work with and support Moujahedeen Khalq to stop the spread of terrorism in the Middle East.

Nick Sharif


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