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May 05, 2003|Steve Henson

UCLA's contract with Adidas runs from July 1, 1999, through July 1, 2005:


* $3.025 million in the first year of the contract and $1.625 million in each of the next five years, paid to the general athletic fund and used for whatever UCLA determines. Although there are no stipulations in the contract, the football coach receives $212,000 a year, the men's basketball coach receives $195,000 a year and coaches of other sports receive amounts less than $50,000.

* $1.3 million in each year of the contract as an allowance for Adidas goods at wholesale prices for football, baseball, softball, women's swimming and gymnastics and men's and women's basketball, volleyball, golf, soccer, track, cross-country, tennis and water polo.

* $50,000 a year as an apparel allowance for spirit squads and $50,000 a year as an allowance to the recreation department.

* Seven student internships with Adidas a year at a minimum cost of $100,000 and at least $50,000 a year to support UCLA educational objectives.

* A minimum of $100,000 worth of tickets to home games purchased by Adidas at face value.


* Coaches, staff, spirit squad and teams must wear Adidas shoes and apparel during games, practice, camps and clinics. Coaches are not required to wear Adidas goods when it would clash with normal business attire.

* Coaches, equipment managers and trainers must be made available to advise and consult with Adidas on product development.

* An acknowledgment in football and basketball game programs at a 50% discount.

* An acknowledgment and signage at men's and women's basketball games.

* A prescribed number of tickets, some free and others at discounted prices.

* Appearances by UCLA coaches at functions to promote Adidas goods.

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