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Stripping for a good cause

May 11, 2003|Michael T. Jarvis

Some people collect stamps, coins or other items, but Daniel Taylor of Atlanta keeps track of civic groups, clubs and schools that sell nude (or semi-nude) calendars featuring their members to raise funds for their activities. On his Web site ( Taylor explains this unusual trend:

"There was a time when the average person wouldn't admit ever having seen a nude calendar, let alone owning one -- but these days a surprising number of Just Plain Folks want to be on one. It takes a special group of people to publish a nude calendar -- and get away with it. They have to strike a balance between being provocative enough to justify the attention, and not being so explicit as to irredeemably offend community standards. Being sponsored by an inarguably worthwhile charity helps. (Before you ask: No, I don't own them, and I don't sell them.)"

Some of the more interesting groups that are nuding up:

* Men of Brattleboro (Vt.), to raise money for local charities.

* Alice Springs (Australia) Off-Road Race Club.

* Civic Garden Center of Greater Cincinnati, with a Bare Roots fund-raiser.

* Men of Maple Corner (Vt.).

* Shrewsbury (England) Amateur Operatic Society. "Fund-raiser for local cancer victim -- but the charity turned them down!"

* Weedon Lane (England) Rugby Club, raising funds to refurbish their grounds and clubhouse.

* Tamworth Men in Hats, to help local children's causes.

* Adelaide 36ers basketball team (Australia), "but they won't sell 'em at the games."

* Portsmouth Cathedral Choir "Heavenly Hunks." ("OK, they're only shirtless. But it's a cathedral choir.")

-- Michael T. Jarvis

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