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GOP Presses Effort to Recall Gov. Davis

May 11, 2003

Re "Davis Recall Drive Still Lacking Cash, Credibility," May 8: I voted Democrat for nearly 20 years. This last gubernatorial race prompted me to consider not voting at all. For the GOP, this recall is pure politics to take advantage of declining polls. But I would gladly sign such a petition as a statement of my voter dissatisfaction. I am certain I am not alone in this view.

Selby Jessup

Los Angeles


The boundless hypocrisy of the Republican right never ceases to amaze me. If stories on proposals to cut benefits to veterans, like the heroes of the Iraq war, or the unmasking of yet another conservative moralizer as not so "holier than thou" have failed to turn your stomach, Rep. Darrell Issa's (R-Vista) egocentric crusade to save us from politicians who are less than truthful about budgets and job creation surely will.

If Issa is so concerned with the honesty of our politicians, he would be better served to focus on what's going on across town, not across the country. At 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., the current occupant's considerable skill in the use of "emphasis" when discussing fiscal and employment matters makes Gov. Gray Davis look like a rank amateur.

Roy Perkins

Del Mar

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