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Our Taxes, Our Debt

May 12, 2003

President Bush wants us to speak up about tax cuts, so here goes: Of course I want to pay less tax. In fact, it'd be even more fun if the IRS sent me money each year. However, I have some sense of social and financial responsibility. After all, a full 10% of this year's federal tax dollars goes to pay interest for money we've already spent.

It's not just "our money," it's also "our debt," and it's time we own up to the debts we already have, instead of recklessly amassing new ones.

Todd Squires



Bush should remember what his father had to say about massive tax cuts back in 1980. George H.W. Bush was competing with Ronald Reagan for the Republican nomination. When Reagan proposed huge tax cuts regardless of ensuing deficits, Bush described the proposal as "voodoo economics."

John B. Atwood


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