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Bush's Plan to Cut Taxes Is Less Than Stimulating

May 15, 2003

Re "Making the Jobless Pay," editorial, May 13: Treasury Secretary John Snow claims that President Bush's huge tax cut proposal would revive a "soggy" economy. He claimed during his round of Sunday talk shows that reduced taxes would spur economic growth by stimulating businesses to invest in growing their businesses, which would mean buying tools and supplies, hiring more people and generating taxable income that would help balance the budget. That is based on the presumption that a ready market exists for increased output. Without money to spend, a ready market is merely a potential market.

A tax cut that provided major benefits to the economically maxed-out middle- and lower-income families would convert their potential spending power into dynamic economic energy and give reason for businesses to invest and hire. It is that segment of the population that drives growth in the economy.

My wife and I are among that percentage of the population who will benefit from income and investment-earnings tax reductions. We don't need that money. We won't spend it, and we won't invest it until we see an upturn in the economy and businesses that are succeeding. Lower taxes and income enhancements will be misdirected if given to us.

John M. Freter

Yucca Valley


As an experienced professional who has been unemployed and looking for work for well over a year, I found your editorial to be of particular interest. Bush's proposed tax plan will do nothing to help me find work. Neither the $300 I may receive nor anything else about his plan will create one new job. None of Bush's previous so-called "economic stimulus" packages have done anything to reduce the unemployment rate in the U.S. Instead of taking steps to create jobs and continue unemployment insurance benefits for those who cannot find work, the administration is doing what it does best -- helping the rich get richer at the expense of everyone else.

Not only do we need a president and Congress willing to do whatever it takes to assist the unemployed, we also need an Employment Development Department in California that is more efficient. I've been waiting since January for my current EDD claim to be resolved and to receive EDD benefits. Hopefully, one of these days, people will wake up and realize we are in a catastrophic situation economically, and maybe then we will elect someone who will keep the best interests of all Americans in mind.

Lee Gross



The wealthy receive larger tax cuts because they pay larger amounts in taxes. The poor and unemployed pay relatively little or no taxes and as such will receive relatively little or no tax cuts. When will this fact sink in?

Michael Chase

Manhattan Beach


Re "Socialism Lives!" Opinion, May 11: Kudos to Barbara Ehrenreich for exposing the Bush administration's hypocrisy: Bush's concern for the Iraqis' plight (read oil control and profit and empire) while virtually ignoring American "homeland" problems. I only wish that when 2004 comes, our voting populace will see what's happening as clearly as she does.

Virginia Jacks

Silver Lake

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