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Department of Water and Powerful PR

May 15, 2003

"Outside PR Consultant Reaps Millions From City" (May 9), about the public relations fees paid by the L.A. Department of Water and Power, was silent as to the reason these fees were incurred in the first place. The DWP is a public agency and has a captive clientele for its water and power services. We have received our water and power from this agency for 26 years, and it has never been suggested that there is an alternate source for these services.

Why, then, would it require the services of a PR firm? It would appear the primary reason for these contracts is to enrich the providers, who in turn contribute to the election campaigns of those who sign the contracts.

It is no wonder that the electorate is less and less excited about the political process and voter turnouts continue to fall.

John S. Nelson

Los Angeles


Until we read about the business doings of Fleishman-Hillard on behalf of the DWP, et al, we did not know about some of the benefits available to "big DWP customers." Please let Fleishman's General Manager Doug Dowie know we are leaving our lawn on "sprinkle" and letting the toilets run, we've set our thermostat on high and the lights are all on at our house. When can we expect our free tickets to the Laker playoff games?

Lisalee Anne Wells

Long Beach

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