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Topless Club Loses Liquor Sales License

Investigators saw dancers at Canoga Park establishment exposing themselves below the waist, a violation of California law.

May 16, 2003|Michael Krikorian | Times Staff Writer

The liquor license of a Canoga Park nightclub was permanently revoked Thursday after an undercover investigation revealed that exotic dancers performed lewd routines for customers, a state agency reported.

The revocation of the Gotham City Nightclub's license was the result of an investigation made in January and February 2000 at the topless club in the 21500 block of Sherman Way, said Carl DeWing of the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control.

Investigators observed dancers at the club expose themselves below the waist and perform lewd dances in violation of state law, DeWing said, adding that a total of 13 separate acts of misconduct were witnessed on three occasions.

State law prohibits an establishment that serves alcohol from featuring totally nude performers, DeWing said.

The 2000 incident led to the fifth complaint being filed against the club since 1995, he said, and the third to allege violations of lewd conduct in less than three years.

The beverage control department consequently pulled the club's license, but an appeal by the club resulted in a nearly three-year delay before the revocation was finalized.

According to department policy, even if Gotham City closes and another club opens, no liquor license will be issued at that location for at least a year, DeWing said.

George Pofayan, manager of Gotham City, said the club has not served alcohol since December.

"The owners made the decision themselves to stop selling alcohol," Pofayan said.

"It hurts, but we are going to stay open."

Since the club has stopped selling alcohol, it has gone from a topless club to a totally nude establishment.

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