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The Lone Star State's Rambling Democrats

May 16, 2003

Re "Outgunned, Texas Democrats Vamoose," May 13:

Democrats do not seem to understand democracy. They are in the minority in Texas because voters support the policies of Republican candidates more than they support those of Democrat candidates. The minority Democrats' response? Block the duly elected representatives by running away and hiding. Through tactics such as the Texas legislative exodus and filibustering President Bush's judicial nominees, Democrats' obstructionism and disrespect for the voters' will are exposed. Let them continue, thus ensuring election of more Republicans.

Thomas R. Damiani

Newport Beach


I would like to get a message to the Texas Democratic legislators who went to Oklahoma and New Mexico rather than stay in Austin and pass bills that would make 56,000 elderly and disabled Texans ineligible for Medicaid, discontinue health insurance for 250,000 poor Texas children and redistrict the state so that areas 300 miles apart would be joined in one district by a mile-wide swath of land.

Please tell those Democrats that if they want to continue west, they are welcome to stay at my house.

Evelyn McClave


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