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Lynch Rescue and Iraqi Dead: Truth Will Out

May 21, 2003

Re "Saving Private Lynch: Take 2," Commentary, May 20:

I was absolutely dismayed to find that the BBC story to which Robert Scheer refers was released earlier this month. Why, then, was this the first I heard of it? My daily news sources include CNN, MSNBC, AOL, The Times, various weekly news magazines and, of course, "trash news" and assorted talking heads. If true, this BBC story portrays a very cynical manipulation of the facts, the American press corps and the American people.

In addition, it represents a rather curious hijacking of the U.S. taxpayer money needed to mount this production. Yet the news coverage of this allegation here in the States is ... thin? I had to laugh today when my wife reminded me of the Spanish-American War and the origin of the phrase "yellow journalism." Of course, that was well over 100 years ago, right?

Jim Clements

Aliso Viejo


Re "Baghdad's Death Toll Assessed," May 18: Laura King's report on a hospital survey of 27 hospitals in Baghdad and its outlying districts is absolute proof that the U.S. war on Iraq was wrong, wrong, wrong. The bombing of Iraq has been a nightmare for thousands of civilians. To let the inspections go ahead in March, to seek out alternatives to the war machine, to let the peacemakers have a go at it and listen to the sane heads; all would have saved these thousands of lives and not brought such grief to innocent civilians. I read your report and wept.

Madonna Newburg

Manhattan Beach

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