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Young, Male Muslims in Spotlight of Suspicion

May 24, 2003

Re "It Could Happen Here," Opinion, May 18: Laila Al-Marayati bemoans the possibility that her two sons "will be suspects, simply because of their identity as young adult Americans who also happen to be male, Muslim and of Arab descent." Perhaps Al-Marayati has forgotten that the 9/11 hijackers also happened to be male, Muslim and of Arab descent. The majority of suicide bombers who strike in Israel are male, Muslim and of Arab descent. The attacks in Saudi Arabia and Morocco were carried out, apparently, by male Muslims of Arab descent.

Someday, perhaps the Islamic religion will not be synonymous with hatred and violence. The only people who can promote such a change in thinking are Muslims themselves. Unfortunately for Al-Marayati, until that day arrives, her sons will be forced to live under the dark cloud that their Muslim brethren have cast upon them.

Richard Rosenthal

Long Beach


I thank The Times for publishing the article by Al-Marayati of the Muslim Women's League on the USA Patriot Act. The dilemma of her children that she described is faced by a lot Muslim families. By bringing up the issue, you have made other American citizens aware of this.

Reshma Farukhi


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