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English Is Dominant; Embrace Immigrants

May 25, 2003

I agree with much of what Ernest W. Lefever wrote in "Confronting 'Unmeltable Ethnics,' " (Commentary, May 20). America should stop catering to non-English-speaking immigrants by offering so many services, products and information in languages other than English. However, not only is English already, in effect, this country's "official" language, it is such for the rest of the world. In an effort to produce competitive graduates, most countries teach students their native language and English too.

Sadly, today's government-funded bilingual education programs don't work (otherwise graduates would actually be bilingual). But there are some private schools that do offer successful bilingual education programs. These are the programs worth studying and promoting. Before wasting time and money limiting free speech to "English only," let's figure out a way to reap the multilingual benefits that immigrants may have to offer. The U.S. should be producing bilingual students like the rest of the world.

Regina Powers



I was truly appalled reading your May 21 letters on the "immigration problem." Except for one of your responses, I hope that everyone who wrote was of Native American descent. Or do I need to remind all of you that America is a country based on immigrants?

Most illegal immigrants are not able to access many county programs. Where are the facts? Isn't this a call for every American to care about the welfare of all and support a comprehensive health plan (as in Mexico)? Last time I went to the store I remember the "illegal immigrant" next to me paying taxes too.

Vicky Rosales


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