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Glorifying war?

November 22, 2003

Who is kidding whom here ("Military Short May Hit Theaters," by Tony Perry, Nov. 17)? Obviously this is a military recruitment film meant to arouse the passions of young American males and, I suppose, females, to do their duty to God and country. What happens if "duty" is in the wrong cause, such as an illegal war guided by a reckless foreign policy by a president who did not even command the popular vote in the last election?

This film, produced by the Navy and Marine Corps, to be shown as a short clip before a feature film, is plainly a testosterone-driven movie that romanticizes war!

It should be paired with a documentary on those maimed in war.

Jacquelyn Beauregard


Newport Beach


I cannot believe that the idea for these films originated within the Marine Corps.

It used to be that U.S. Marines didn't need propaganda films. Our actions spoke for themselves.

Kenneth Grimes,


Los Angeles

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