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It's Getting Tougher to Keep Tabs on Lakers

November 22, 2003

J.A. Adande [Nov. 15] seems to be at a loss as to why the Lakers continue to "accommodate" Kobe Bryant. There's a couple of ways he can look at it.

The Lakers often refer to people in the organization as being part of the "Laker family." That being said, the Lakers are doing what any family would do, support one of their own.

If that's too touchy-feely for you, J.A., there's the business approach. The Lakers spent a great deal of money to acquire Kobe, and suffered through the air-balls against Utah and various "chemistry" crises. During the championship years, Kobe delivered on the expectations put on him and the Lakers are now doing what any business would do -- protecting their investment.

David Lewis

Long Beach


It does not take a rocket scientist or a sportswriter to know Kobe is headed for Memphis next year. Malone and Payton probably are leaving at the end of the season. Why would Kobe stay with Shaq when he could star for Jerry?

Paul Edwards



I understand the National Enquirer is looking for new writers and I have sent the names of Plaschke and Adande for consideration. The rest of the paper went under in terms of credibility some time ago and now is joined by the sports section.

Skip Bowling

Studio City


OK, now that he's on our team, please tell us what it is Karl Malone is saying just before shooting free throws.

Shirley Elmendorf


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