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That Keyshawn: He's Quite a Playmaker

November 22, 2003

Never has there been a clearer example of "old school" versus today's NFL player.

On "Monday Night Football," Ronnie Lott got his number retired. He never spoke of himself during the ceremony. To this day he only speaks of "the team" and of his and their commitment to each other, a bond so strong he once had part of his finger amputated so he could play in a playoff game.

Tuesday, Keyshawn Johnson was deactivated by the Buccaneers. The reason? Basically, his selfish desire to be a more important part or the offense was, in his eyes, ignored. Keyshawn has had one consistent theme during his career -- me, me, me.

Maybe during this week's big game activities, the two USC alums ran into each other and a little Ronnie rubbed off on Keyshawn.

Mark Kummrow

Santa Monica


Paul Tagliabue labels ESPN's "Playmakers" "a terrible distortion of the players in the NFL."

Four Oakland Raiders test positive for steroids.

Score one for "Playmakers."

Gavin Powers

Los Angeles


If ESPN was trying to portray the real NFL on "Playmakers," story lines would include a player murdering his pregnant girlfriend, players snorting coke on the sidelines, with others guilty of aggravated assault, drug trafficking and rampant steroid use, all while owners pick up their franchises and take them to other cities so frequently it resembles migration.

Oh, well, there's always next season.

Stuart Howe


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