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Fans' Behavior Caps McKeon's Tough Day

October 01, 2003|Ross Newhan | Times Staff Writer

SAN FRANCISCO — After attending church Tuesday morning, Florida Marlin Manager Jack McKeon arrived at Pacific Bell Park about five hours before the division series opener with the San Francisco Giants.

Ultimately, he couldn't wait to leave.

Not only were his Marlins restricted to three hits by Jason Schmidt in a 2-0 loss, but McKeon was forced to endure abuse from Giants' fans while trying to reach the post-game interview room on a route that exposed him to the lower rows of seats at Pac Bell.

"It was hazardous," McKeon said. "People were throwing things and grabbing for my hat. We didn't even know where we were. [Major League Baseball] needs a better system."

Because of crowd flow, there is no easy route from the visiting clubhouse to the interview room, which is next to the Giants' clubhouse.

An MBL official, in response to Tuesday's incident, said they will now wait for the crowd to disperse before trying to bring visiting personnel for postgame interviews.


A throwing error by third baseman Miguel Cabrera on Edgardo Alfonzo's bunt single in the fourth inning allowed the first run to score in Tuesday's game.

McKeon said Cabrera, a 20-year-old rookie, should have probably held the ball rather than attempting a futile throw "but I'm not going to fault him."

Neither will McKeon put Mike Lowell back at third base for Game 2 today.

Lowell broke his left hand Aug. 30, didn't play again until the final day of the regular season and is still regaining his timing in batting practice.

"Mike is available to pinch hit, but I'm not going to push him," McKeon said. "It wouldn't be fair to Mike or the team.

"[Cabrera] is an outstanding third baseman. It's his natural position and he's done a great job for us."

Cabrera drove in 62 runs in 86 games after jumping from double A. He started 55 games in left field and 30 at third base, making only one error in 71 infield chances before Tuesday.


Schmidt has a 6-0 career record against the Marlins. The Giants are 6-1 against them this year.

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