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Parting Shot | My Favorite Weekend: Taryn Manning

Dance, sing, shop and hike -- then it's back to reality

October 02, 2003|Carolyn Patricia Scott

She was a little mad in "Crazy Beautiful." She got a little tight with on-screen boyfriend Eminem in "8 Mile." But what she really loves -- besides partying, shopping, hiking, working out -- is making music. One of Manning's songs is featured on the soundtrack for "8 Mile" and her band Boomkat has a new single, "Wreckoning," getting airplay on local radio stations.

No rehearsal?

If I don't have a rehearsal, then I like to go out to dinner Friday nights.

I love Mexican food. I'll go to El Coyote for cheese enchiladas, but not the margaritas, they're too strong. I also like Ago -- they have great Italian food, and I'll usually get the vegetable risotto.

Night moves

Most of the time you'll find me at Deluxe, or Guy's near the Beverly Center or in Hollywood at Joseph's Cafe. And I like to go to the Electric Lotus -- I like to dance and hang out with friends and just hang out with people. We'll all sit at a booth together and laugh and have fun looking at cute boys.

After the clubs, I'll usually head home -- there's only trouble after 2 a.m.

Saturday mornings I like to hike Runyon Canyon. I hike almost every day. You can view the whole city, clear your head and it's such a good workout -- it really helps clear your thoughts.

I can shop too. I just go out to Jet Rag, American Rag, and I'll go to random designers. I love vintage shoes. You know, I've actually been to Star Shoes to shop.

I also like to wear tennis shoes, high-heeled boots, and I get pretty, well ... my fashion look is kind of like ... it changes every day.

Besides my hike, I also work out with a trainer -- Jeanette Jenkins. She does awesome work. We'll go to a private gym and work out with the weights. Jenkins is a certified yoga Pilates instructor, so we may do that, plus some stretching and that kind of thing. She really does shape you -- she's worked with Queen Latifah and all kinds of people.

Artful notions

I'll just do a gallery opening. I can really get into museums or galleries. Or if there's not too much happening that way and it's a slower weekend, I'll go to the Beauty Bar. They've got hair dryers, you can get your nails done and get your toes done and have a drink. I also like to go to the Room; it has a lot of hip-hop and urban, and it's nice and private. That's about all that I do. Oh, unless I go to a nice little house party with friends. I'm pretty mellow.

Family ties

Sunday I go to my mom's and spend time with her and my grandmother and do my laundry. We either stay around the house or we'll go out. I'll roller skate while she roller-blades or rides the bike. My mom is awesome!

Then I'll head home. If I want to go out at night, I'll go to Dragonfly and check out the Spasmatics. The band goes all '80s style. They're like the "Revenge Nerds" -- neck braces, pocket protectors -- but they cover these fat urban sounds. That's a good weekend.

-- Carolyn Patricia Scott

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