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Shooting on Location in L.A. Declines 21%

October 04, 2003|James Bates

Despite a strong surge in TV work, shooting on Los Angeles streets fell 21% in September as movie and commercial work dropped sharply.

Figures from the Entertainment Industry Development Corp. show the number of shooting days fell to 2,238 from 2,826 from September 2002. A shooting day is one day of shooting on a film, commercial, TV show or music video. The figures include shooting in public places where permits are required, but not on studio lots.

Film shooting days dropped 56% to 413, commercial days dropped 30% to 364, and TV days rose 8% to 1,281.

Kathleen A. Milnes, the development agency's senior vice president, said commercials appeared to be down because of the economy. She said film work was probably down because last year was so strong in September.

Production activity is expected to rise later this year, with several major feature films scheduled to be shot in Los Angeles.


-- James Bates

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