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Who Needs a Ferrari Anyway?

October 05, 2003

If Dan Neil still longs for star treatment after returning his loaned Ferrari, he can get similar automotive responses for about five grand ("Self-Propelled," Special Auto Issue, Sept. 14). Each time I drive my doorless Global Electric Motorcar, the prevailing mood around me is curiosity and appreciation. Admiring head shakes are the norm as I blow by, leaving everyone in my emissionless, dust-free dust.

Janet Podney

San Diego


Twenty-five years ago some friends and I would occasionally stroll over to the local Ferrari dealer and talk with the mechanics. They explained how expensive to maintain and unreliable the cars were (at least at that time). One night one mechanic asked the other, "What car do you want to drive home tonight?" The second mechanic gazed at the cars in the lot and repair area and said, "I'll take the Volkswagen."

Edmund H. Conrow

Redondo Beach

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