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Great Park Traffic Study Problems Aren't Unique

October 05, 2003

Re "Irvine Finally Gets It Right," Sept. 28:

Your editorial highlights an underlying problem with traffic studies on not just the Great Park but the other major developments underway in north Irvine: the Northern Sphere and Spectrum expansion.

The projects are massive, but inadequate time and effort is made in studying and planning for the anticipated traffic the projects will generate.

Too much emphasis is placed on the output of computer modeling and not enough on pragmatic and realistic assessments of both the inputs and the outputs.

Residents had serious concerns with traffic studies on the Great Park and the other projects but, unlike Caltrans, were given even less consideration.

As you state in the editorial, we "shouldn't have ... to bring in the courts to get Irvine to do" an acceptable traffic study. But unfortunately, we apparently do, as our concerns continue to be unresolved and ignored.

David Melvold


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