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Schwarzenegger's Behavior on Film Sets

October 05, 2003

Re "Schwarzenegger Tells Backers He 'Behaved Badly,' " Oct. 3: "Rowdy" movie sets? I don't know where Schwarzenegger makes his movies, but we have been on our respective movie sets for 40-plus years and never -- never -- have we ever seen any rowdy behavior on our sets, or anyone else's. Movie sets are made up of hard-working, talented, dedicated, caring people who go about their jobs diligently and purposefully. It's a serious business with occasional breaks and occasional laughs -- but "rowdy"? Not on your life!

Jeffrey Hayden

Eva Marie Saint

Los Angeles

Thursday, Oct. 2, was the day The Times finally and officially removed any facade of dignity or honesty in its journalism. Its dedication of three columns and a large front-page headline to a hatchet job on Schwarzenegger five days before the recall election is shameful. Whatever the verity of the alleged victims' claims, the tone, tenor and timing of the story serve no other purpose than to prop up the current corrupt cabal in Sacramento. How remarkably shameful!

Justo Gonzalez

Los Angeles

It's odd that Arnold still doesn't understand that when you run for public office, your entire life history becomes public information -- bad behavior, moral contradictions, hypocritical statements and all. It's not Hollywood, where a dozen press agents work overtime to feed entertainment media, including Oprah, with only favorable images of a celebrity to create idol worship. Welcome to the real world of journalism, tough guy.

Greg Jenkins

Long Beach

If we elect Arnold now, after the accusations and his "apology," then we deserve him and the worldwide ridicule of us, which will surely accompany him. Yikes!

Peter Hansen

Palm Springs

We don't need revelations of obnoxious behavior toward women to verify Schwarzenegger's lack of credibility. His claim to be an advocate for women and children was already steeped in hypocrisy. A man whose life-sized image brandishing an assault rifle adorns video game arcades up and down the state, and whose main occupation is killing people on screen, is not an acceptable advocate for women or children. There are many reasons for women to reject Arnold's advances.

Jenny Abbe Moyer

Redding, Calif.

Your Oct. 2 article about Schwarzenegger's behavior was an excellent commentary -- on the entertainment industry, where power and retribution are the dominant religion, crude behavior (by both men and women) is the coin of the realm and superficiality and sin are the principal exports. Democrats, liberals and pseudo-socialists -- not Republicans -- call most of the shots in Hollywood and have established these standards.

Why don't you go after them and do a little introspective, in-depth, fearless journalism exploring why low moral character and bad treatment of women are so universally accepted and admired by the film and television industry? Now, that would be news.

Jeff Blyskal


The other evening I watched Arnold rousing a cheering crowd at a rally, punching the air, shouting, "This is a war and we are in the trenches and we will fight and we will win!" Well, this is not a war and there are no trenches; this is simply a political campaign. And in the newspaper I read yet another account describing Arnold's well-known, long-standing penchant for "practical joking," the bullying, hurtful, usually cruel kind ... all in good fun, of course (Sept. 29).

Now, while the emphasis of his campaign has been his concern for "the children," he is setting an example for them of a man who plays war games and who thinks it is funny to bully and humiliate people. His self-justification that he is "just kidding" doesn't cut it. From the heart the mouth speaks. It's a character flaw, one that gives me great concern. I worry about the children.

Bob Bassing

Los Angeles

Schwarzenegger has stated many times that he is going to "balance the budget" of California. I have noticed that he has not stated what programs he will cut in order to accomplish this. So, Mr. Schwarzenegger, what will you cut first: health services, public education or public safety? The voters have a right to know before the election.

James Fuhrman

West Hollywood

That's it? Schwarzenegger has managed to build his whole plan for California's complex problems up to one page (Oct. 2)! Basically it seems to boil down to this: If the Legislature doesn't do what he says, he'll govern by initiative. He'll throw the important issues of governing to a process of TV spots, one-sentence sloganeering and political smear. The guy with the most money wins. Great. Perfect. Just what the state needs. A totally simplistic solution from an egomaniacal simpleton.

I'm voting no, and for the future of our state I urge others to do so too.

Norma Shapiro

Sherman Oaks

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