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Bustamante Won't Solve State Problems

October 05, 2003

Steve Lopez (Oct. 2), clearly outraged and disappointed that he and his media colleagues have failed to enlighten California voters, asks: "Who are these people who support Schwarzenegger?" Let me try to help, Steve, just a little. I can speak with full confidence about one segment of Arnold's support. I am a registered Democrat who has voted for Schwarzenegger while voting no on the recall.

My reason is simple. Bustamante has reminded me of the true face of the California Democrats. Not Gov. Gray Davis' unappealing and inept attempt at centrism but unreserved pandering to every interest group on the left. And Bustamante is even more dependent on the newest, largest and fastest-growing source for pay-to-play politics, the Indian casinos. I am not sure about Arnold, but I take Bustamante at his words; and what he proposes promises to make our problems even worse. My solution: Anyone but Bustamante.

Fred S. Hoffman

Los Angeles

So Lopez wants to know what kind of people would vote for Arnold? How about people who are tired of being used and abused by Davis and his cronies. How about people who want to send a message to Sacramento that just because one party is ruling, it doesn't mean that it is a dictatorship and that we are held prisoners to politicians' whims.

I am so glad that people are going to vote for Arnold. What a breath of fresh air. Hooray for the people of California, who are brave enough to take their state back even when papers like yours tried to dumb us down.

Yolanda Colon


If all the people who know in their heart of hearts that state Sen. Tom McClintock is the best man for governor would vote for him, he would certainly win the election. But tens of thousands say they won't vote for him because "he can't win." Instead they will vote for a man who has no experience, no clue for curing the state's fiscal crisis and obviously no moral standards. Schwarzenegger is indeed "the devil we don't know."

Mary L. Santoni


Republicans have harshly criticized Davis for his relentless fund-raising and for being responsible for California's budget deficit, yet they are strangely silent about the close to $200 million President Bush is raising for his reelection and the record federal budget deficit run up under his administration.

Are these the same Republicans who bashed President Clinton for personal indiscretions but see no wrong in the immoral, misogynistic, pornographic lifestyle of Schwarzenegger? Can anybody spell "hypocrisy"?

Lauren Smith

Los Angeles

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