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No on Recall, Propositions

October 07, 2003

The Times opposes the state recall, believes that none of the candidates to replace Gov. Gray Davis meet the appropriate standards and recommends that the two other measures on the ballot be voted down.

No on Recall, No Endorsement

There were no reasonable standards used in calling for a new election. A successor could be elected with far fewer votes than Davis got when he was reelected last year. Just as important, the alternatives are not superior to Davis and are potentially worse.

The leader among them is Arnold Schwarzenegger. He has fed voters predictable lines from his movies and offered no detailed ideas. The pattern of sexual groping that he acknowledged last week raises additional, disturbing questions.

Democratic Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante has been a lackluster candidate. From his devious routing of huge contributions from Indian gambling interests to his tenuous grasp of economics, he disappoints potential supporters.

State Sen. Tom McClintock (R-Thousand Oaks) offers fully articulated and consistent positions. However, his intolerance on social issues is out of step with mainstream California.

Recall might feel good, but it would cause the worst political hangover California has ever had.

No on Propositions 53 and 54

Two other ill-considered ballot propositions are listed with the recall.

California unquestionably needs to fix roads, state parks, sewers and other infrastructure, but Proposition 53 would require that up to 3% of the general fund be dedicated to nonschool infrastructure. It would rob one part of the budget to pay another.

Proposition 54, banning most government collection and use of information on race, ethnicity, color or national origin, would hamper efforts to stop racial profiling, treat racial and ethnic disparities in diseases and ensure fairness in government hiring.

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