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Israel Strikes Syria After Haifa Bombing

October 07, 2003

Re "Israel Widens Fight, Bombs Camp in Syria," Oct. 6: Syria is a terrorist-sponsoring dictatorship that continues to threaten Mideast stability. Israel's strikes on the terrorist camps will hopefully send the correct message to the barbaric Syrian government that terrorists and their supporters ought to have nowhere to run.

The childish reactions emanating out of the hate-infested Arab world and the morally deaf Western Europeans are an ominous sign, for it indicates it is business as usual for these cowards.

Syria must be held accountable for the terror it supports against Israeli civilians as well as American soldiers in Iraq. Indeed, Syria has widened the fight, and our Israeli ally has answered. It's about time!

Brian Elfand

Woodland Hills

So it begins. The U.S. action to attack Iraq without any provocation or honest justification has set a precedent to allow other rogue nations, such as Israel, to do likewise.

Edward Saade


Israel bombing Syria in response to the Haifa suicide attack ("Bomber Kills 19 at Israeli Restaurant," Oct. 5) makes as much sense as the U.S. bombing Afghanistan in response to 9/11.

Tanja Winter

La Jolla

The United States was attacked in a suicide-bombing mass murder. The U.S. quite properly attacked terrorist camps halfway around the world.

Still again, Israel was attacked in a suicide-bombing mass murder. Finally, Israel quite properly attacked a terrorist camp next door.

Devon Showley


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