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Detective Arrested in Fraud Case

The LAPD officer out on disability is taped showing baseball skills.

October 08, 2003|Richard Winton | Times Staff Writer

Los Angeles Police Det. Rocky E. Sherwood wanted to show his Pony League baseball players how to slide, but he was tagged out by his own department.

Sherwood, 40, a veteran detective, was arrested on suspicion of insurance and workers' compensation fraud after he was videotaped demonstrating the slide, despite having claimed that on-the-job injuries rendered him unable to work, police said Tuesday.

"Surveillance evidence shows Sherwood engaged in strenuous activity as a Little League coach while out on disability leave, including hitting, pitching, fielding and teaching the kids how to slide," LAPD Lt. Art Miller said.

The North Hollywood Division officer is the latest law enforcement officer to be charged in a recent crackdown on suspected fraud. He could not be reached for comment.

Sherwood, of North Hills, was charged with making "false and fraudulent material statements to obtain compensation" and trying to conceal information about his medical condition, according to court records.

He was involved in two traffic accidents while on duty in 1998, Miller said. Sherwood subsequently told doctors that he suffered constant pain in the spine and right knee, and he was placed on temporary disability in November 2000, Miller said.

The Los Angeles city attorney's office then began surveillance on the former high school catcher, which led to the charges, according to medical records and depositions.

Sherwood managed the North Valley Youth Baseball Pinto Division team for 7- and 8-year-olds to a win in the California World Series in June 2001.

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