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'Animal Lovers' Attack Those Trying to Help

October 08, 2003

Re "Vandals Harass Pet Shelter Official," Oct. 4:

How appalling that so-called animal lovers would stoop to such vandalism, especially against an agency that has come a long way since the early '90s, when it pursued very disgusting and harmful policies. It is my understanding that the current head of the department has not only adopted pound animals himself but has raised the adoption rate significantly, with an equally significant drop in euthanasia.

Then why are these "humaniacs" so hellbent on attacking a department that is trying hard to reform its ways and turn pounds back into shelters? What is their real agenda?

In the meantime, I can only hope the Police Department and, if necessary, federal agencies are setting up protections for our mayor and the targeted city employees to keep them from further harm. How scary to have to work in such an environment.

Ruth Weddle

West Hills


I strongly support the 1st Amendment right of protesters to express their viewpoints, but as a society we cannot allow good, hard-working, charitable and caring persons like Jerry Greenwalt to be terrorized by radicals who are not even speaking but are destroying property and seeking to spread fear.

Michael S. Klein

Los Angeles

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